Wednesday, November 23, 2016

61% of Large Employers Now Offer a CDHP (up from 59% Last Year)

While 61% of large employers now offer a CDHP (up from 59% last year), just 9% offer it as the only plan available to employees. This suggests that most of the latest growth in CDHP enrollment came from employees choosing to move from a traditional PPO or HMO. For employees, the difference in the cost of coverage can be substantial - on average, more than 30%. Among large employers, for employee-only coverage in an HSA-based CDHP, employees contribute $84 per month on average, compared to $132 for PPO coverage (see Figure 7). For family coverage, the difference is $321 vs. $467. In addition, 75% of large employers offering HSA-eligible CDHPs make a contribution to the employees' HSA; typically $500 for an individual.


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