Monday, August 22, 2016

Republican-led states are pushing back against HHS's efforts to limit the use of short-term health plans...

... Modern Healthcare reported Aug. 9. On June 8, HHS issued a draft rule to limit short-term health policies to no longer than three months, instead of up to a 12-month term as is now allowed, and to end renewals of those policies (HEX 6/16, p. 4). The proposal was co-drafted by IRS and the Dept. of Labor. Restricting the use of inexpensive short-term policies would move more healthy people to the public exchanges. Since the early days of the ACA, the Obama administration has pushed to keep people from enrolling in non-ACA-compliant insurance. The agencies received more than 100 comments, "with states and insurance industry stakeholders voicing concern while health plans and patient advocates express support," according to the article

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