Friday, August 26, 2016

Texas Health and Human Services Commission Update

Texas Medicaid has issued a standing order allowing participating pharmacies to provide mosquito repellent to eligible patients in Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Plan without a prescription from a patient’s healthcare provider.

Eligible patients enrolled in Healthy Texas Women no longer require a prescription for mosquito repellent to be covered by their insurance. Patients enrolled under this program may now request mosquito repellent directly from a pharmacy.

Pharmacies have been provided with the claims processing information for use of the standing order and for the processing of claims for patients enrolled in Healthy Texas Women.

Patients in Medicaid and CHIP without access to a pharmacy that uses a standing order for the dispensing of mosquito repellent will continue to require a prescription for the repellent. For these patients, prescribers are recommended to use telephone, fax or electronic prescribing to send prescriptions to pharmacies and to avoid requiring an office visit solely to provide a prescription for mosquito repellent.

Please visit for details related to mosquito repellent as a covered benefit and additional guidance related to prescribing mosquito repellent.

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